« Who is NOVI Advisory? »

I am Elie HERBERICHS, a freelance consultant. Having worked in Brussels and overseas, in a consulting firm, a local public authority and a large corporation, I put a wealth of tips and tricks for project development at my clients’ service.

I am specialised in European funding for infrastructure, including for large-scale operations and with an excellent success rate. I work with a resolutely international approach, in both English and French. A graduate in political science, I am poring over so many technical documents and business plans that I always find the « something special » that shines a unique light on your project, and makes it attractive.

I believe in passion, in a work well done, and in consulting services that serve my clients’ long-term objectives.

Why chose a freelance?

Some issues require a lot of agility to adapt to the specificities of your organization. As a freelance, I can integrate the multiple dimensions of your challenges in a very limited timeframe in order to build tailor-made solutions. This can prove quite useful to respond to a call for projects, to carry out analyzes at an exploratory stage or to find a « quick fix ». More specifically, I propose:

To always start from your business challenges,

To develop expert and practical solutions,

Transparency on the analyzes and results,

A very high level of flexibility and responsiveness,

Discretion if needed, to always put the customer at the center.

So no BS, no rehashed material, no ghost teams, but concrete, sourced and verifiable results, built together with you, and of which you can have full ownership.