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A « project » ?

Being “project-driven” means that specific resources are allocated to well-identified objectives, means and expected results. This type of organisational arrangement departs from usual activities in order to develop a new product, a new service or any other new value driver. Projects therefore often bring novelty, innovation, and sometimes risk.

In the fields of infrastructure, the environment, research & innovation or enterprise development, projects can require dedicated partnerships or take place in demanding regulatory or economic environments. This requires a careful anticipation of each delivery stage.

And when projects are conducted with funding from the European Union, the specificity of these support instruments, which can sometimes prove complex, can also become a strong enabler.


Recent posts

Hydrogen is becoming a reality… with a little help from European programmes

October 1st, 2019|

Does the time-to-market of hydrogen solutions and applications seem like a distant horizon? As far as it may look, European programmes are already accompanying the momentum gained by the energy vector. Research & development, pilot projects and demonstrations, cooperation between regional players and full-scale deployments: the entire innovation chain experiences a number of initiatives that are currently swarming across Europe.

Fonds structurels : calculer les recettes nettes d’un projet

September 30th, 2019|

Les projets donnant lieu à des revenus, au cours et/ou au terme de leur mise en œuvre, sont considérés par les fonds structurels* comme des opérations génératrices de recettes nettes : les revenus perçus contre la fourniture de biens ou services sont pris en compte pour déterminer le montant approprié de cofinancement du projet.

Où êtes-vous sur l’échelle TRL ?

July 4th, 2019|

Définir le niveau de maturité d’une innovation ou technologie est un élément essentiel du financement d’un projet de recherche et développement. L’échelle TRL, pour Technology Readiness Level, fait référence en la matière. Issue du domaine de la recherche spatiale, elle indique le stade d’avancement d’une technologie vers son industrialisation.