The approach

NOVI Advisory provides strategic and operational consulting services: techno-economic analyses, public policy analyses, project development and project management support.

It is first and foremost a pragmatic approach, geared towards concrete solutions.

But NOVI Advisory also comes from the acknowledgement that the profound transformations implied by economic, environmental and societal challenges call for a decompartmentalisation of knowledge and actors, and therefore a global understanding of your challenges.

These transformations are primarily European, since integration is a structural trend in our economies and because the European regulatory framework initiates long-term evolutions. Europe is therefore becoming a new space where tomorrow’s solutions are invented.

These transformations are then industrial, and, through shifts in production systems and value chains, affect our know-how, natural resources and societies.

Finally, they are territorial, because they are anchored in a physical, geographical, social and political environment which impacts their potential.

NOVI Advisory’s solutions are therefore part of broader considerations, but above all aim to be practical and useful.


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